Bankruptcy And Debt Relief

There is almost nothing worse than the stress of being in serious debt. Sometimes you can't sleep because you are so worried. Many times, you can't get away from the harassing phone calls from rude bill collectors who don't seem to understand that you simply can't pay them right now. You may be experiencing conflict in your marriage or problems at work because of what you're going through.

Your financial problems may be related to a divorce, an illness or the loss of some of your income. You may be wondering if bankruptcy will help. The answer is maybe. It will depend on your circumstances.

Stop Harassment, Wage Garnishment And Repossession | Start Moving Forward Again

At Nelson Law Office in Winona, Minnesota, I understand the many difficulties of debt because I have helped people get out of debt since 1989. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I help many of my clients get on top of credit card debt, medical debt and other financial problems through Chapter 7 filings and other solutions. I may be able to help you if:

  • You can't make all your monthly payments any more, despite your best efforts
  • You were laid off or you had your hours cut
  • Someone in your family got sick or hurt, and you couldn't pay the hospital bills that resulted
  • You are behind on your mortgage
  • You are being threatened or harassed by a creditor — and you don't know what to believe about the consequences of not paying a bill
  • Your paycheck is being garnished by a creditor
  • Your vehicle is being repossessed

Bankruptcy provides legal protection through the federal courts. For some individuals, families and businesses, bankruptcy is a powerful solution that enables them to get out of debt and move forward. It may be in your best interest.

Talk To An Attorney Before You Make Important Decisions | The Consultation Is Free

Your situation is unique. If you are considering bankruptcy, talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney before you make any important financial decisions. Contact me today. I offer a free consultation.