Estate Planning And Elder Law

We all want to retain a certain amount of control over our lives. We want to share with those who need our help. We don't want to lose our assets, and we definitely don't want anything bad to happen to our families. The fields of estate planning and elder law address these important matters.

I am attorney Bruce Nelson. At Nelson Law Office in Winona, Minnesota, I help my clients protect their families, safeguard their assets and take care of important needs through proper planning. I welcome the opportunity to assist you and your family.

Estate Planning: Keep Things Simple And Provide For Your Loved Ones

I work with families to develop thorough estate plans that meet their individual needs. An experienced estate planning lawyer like me can help you make arrangements, plans and updates related to:

  • Your will, which tells a court how you want to dispose of your assets upon your death
  • A trust (if you actually need one)
  • Ways you can reduce your tax exposure when you pass away — or even now
  • The simplest ways to pass on your assets to your loved ones
  • Health care directives and powers of attorney
  • Probate and estate administration, which you want to occur as quickly and easily as possible when a loved one has passed away

Elder Law: Make Sure Needs Are Met And Proper Care Is In Place

Elder law is an interdisciplinary area of the law that focuses on meeting the needs of seniors, as well as children and people with disabilities. As an elder law attorney, I can help you answer questions like:

  • How can I help my parents deal with the cost of long-term care or nursing home care?
  • How can I plan for when I may have to go into a nursing home?
  • How can I arrange for my bills to be taken care of?
  • How will my long-term care needs affect my kids?
  • Will I be able to keep my house? What will happen to my house if I or my spouse needs to go to a nursing home?
  • What do I need to know about Medicaid and proper Medicaid planning? Will I need to "spend-down"?
  • How can I use my estate plan to address medical needs and costs?

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